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Fotos ©Janine

Jago x So-Leil

Janines Bericht

          Am 25.Dezember 2008 füllte der Weihnachtsmann die Strümpfe bei So-Leil mit           
2 Hündinnen und 3 Redmerle Rüden.            

Official Club Litter Test Mai 2010
This was the result of the litter:
Obvious difference between males and females. All a bit heavy from type, good body balance,
beautiful shape of the eyes, correct set of teeth, the pigmentations of the lips could be better.
Good bone and feet, good coat structure, good movements and very very good behavour during the test.

I think we can be very proud of this litter. All testers were very charmed of all of them.
Goodlooking and so nice characters.
My mission for this litter with So-Leil was to keep her good and open character but with a bit more power.
Jago did exactly his job. All kids are very beautiful, not to big with a good working ability but not over reacting. And of course the most important, they are healthy.


Janine about her Dawn:
With Dawn I’m training obedience in private lessons and show training.
Soon we’ll make a start with agility. She’s so easy and friendly;
our oldest Border Collie bitch never played with an Aussie in her life
 but she makes an exception for Dawn.
It’s the first time she ever played with an Aussie.

Everybody loves Dawn. She has a lot of friends in dogs and people.

Augen frei von Anzeichen ererbter Augenkrankheiten Frühling 2010 Hüften :  A/A   Norberg 33°
Ray - Bandu
Striker - Suzuki


Bilder vom Welpentreffen im September 2009
Die Hunde sind 9 Monate alt.


 Mistery alias




alias Bandu


alias Suzuki

































                Beamer und Jago im selben Alter!!

In der Reihenfolge ihrer Geburt:

black tri Hündin, 365 gr

Sunny Secret of Clan Miphydes


blue merle Hündin, 390 gr

Swiss Sunrise of Clan Miphydes  

Nickname: Dawn


red merle Rüde, 400 gr

Striking Sun of Clan Miphydes

Nickname: Striker


red merle Rüde, 395 gr

Sparkling Sunray of Clan Miphydes

Nickname: Ray

red merle Rüde, 430 gr

Sunbeam of Clan Miphydes

Nickname: Beamer

mehr Bilder aus der Welpenstube

aus der 5.Woche

Bilder aus dem Schnee 7 Wochen

Augenkontrolle der Welpen: alle frei von Anzeichen erblicher Augenkrankheiten.