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A short Portrait of the Australian Shepherd

general appearence

The Australian Shepherd has an athletic, agile body.
He is built slightly longer then tall.
Aussies like to work on the trot. 

He measures up to 48 - 58 cm, males growing taller then females.
Bitches weigh inbetween 18-21 kg, dogs may be between 21 and 27 kg.

Because of his individual coat color every Aussie is unique.
In principle there are two colors: black and red.
If an individual has inherited the Merle gene, his coat will be
brownish marbeld (= redmerle) or marbeled black (= bluemerle).
Copper and/or white marks may be found on his head, neck, legs and on his tail.
His coat is of moderate length and medium texture.

His eyes can be marbeled and come in any color from blue to dark brown.

Because of the docking ban in Switzerland you will see here mostly full tailed dogs, but there exist also natural bobtails and any length in between in the breed.

His Character

The Aussie is intelligent, versatile and active.
He loves his people and is very eager to please.
As a strong Herding Dog, he is independent and often thinks of his own
problem solving methods.
Like every dog he needs to be loved and trained.

Some Aussies are quite protective around the house, their children, car, ...

Aussies make wonderful familiy dogs if given a job and adequate education.