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Jago - my grown up macho!

Jago's and Zora's beautiful puppies were born on New Year.
What a start into 2007!

We decided to end his show career in St.Gallen this year.
He can get so exited on the leash about what he considers unfriendly strange males
that he will not show his flowing gaits animore.

So what the heck-
Jago will not be missing the smelly halls and the boring days in the crate
 waiting for his turn.
Instead we spent a wonderful time
in a trainingscamp with our redog-friends.

..... and a trainingsweek in the Black Forest in Fall 07



It has been a good year  ...
I'm wondering where Jago will lead me to next year!

In the dawn of Christmas Day, we waited for the sun to climb upon the hills

and for the fullmoon to sink behind
the  trees.

Jago found this to be rather boring.


OK - Let's play a little frisbee - Action!

And then this clown would steal my tripod  ...

... and he did not want
                                                                                             to hand it back ! :-)