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January 2009:
I was anxious to see what 2009 would bring.

Résumé in Oktober 2009:
We passed some working tests with exellent results in the rubbles
and enjoyed a terrific
week in Vienna at the Tritolwerk with REDOG Zurich.

We also passed a two day test even though Jago broke a rip on the first rubble. 
After his plunge he got back on his feet barked at the hidden person underneath the rocks
and continued working the following night and day...

It was some days later that the vet found out
why Jago wasn't able to run and climb as he does normally.
Brave Boy!!!

He just wants to get his job done!

A Week off in fall : in the hills of the Black Forest, Germany

All we need is some fun ...  ... and time with friends!