Congratulations to Daisy, October 2009 !

Daisy is listed as the Front&Finish #2 AKC All breed obedience Open A 
dog for 2008.  She is listed as the #1 Open A Australian shepherd for 
She is also listed as the #9 Australian Shepherd for the 2008 Delaney 
Obedience rankings.

Front&Finish is a private dog publication who puts together rankings 
of AKC obedience dogs.

Also, although I know that a few of you already know...this year Daisy 
got her AKC UD obedience title.  She also got some agility 
AKC she got her NA and NAJ.  In ASCA she got her RS-N, JS-N and GS-N.

She's a great worker who as many I know have said...she lives to work 
for me.

Kristin and Daisy