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Blue, copper and White, redfactored, F=1.79%

Skyler and her daughter Chubby live with Rose Park.

Skyler is a very versatile dog. Sie is activ in Herding Trials and Agility.

Skyler's Dad and Mama

                                   Justus McCain of Pincie Creek   Big Marines Sweet Suzie Blue


Skyler made her ASCA ATCH 1-26-2008...... Congratulations!

I am happy to report that Skyler is now an ASCA  ATCH (Agility Trial Champion)!

We haven't done agility since last fall, but she only needed one more elite gamblers leg, so I entered her in two gamblers runs on Saturday, hoping to qualify in one.  Our first run went well, and Skyler easily got the gamble of tunnel to 2 jumps to a set of 12 weave poles. 

The second run I could relax and just do it for fun.  The opening went as planned, except that Skyler was running faster than I expected, so I sent her over a couple more jumps to use up our time.  The whistle blew as she was going over the second jump, and Skyler was heading towards another jump, 3/4 of the ring away from the start of the gamble.  I called her back to me, thinking we would run out of time, but Skyler made it over a jump, across the dogwalk, jump, and get-out to another jump.  So we ended up with 2 Qs, both 1st place. 

Not bad for a dog that is almost 10 years old.  She sure doesn't act like it.  Now Skyler is retired from agility competition and we will continue to train in obedience for utility.

Rose and Skyler