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brothers and sisters


Two little Aussies climbed
out of their kennelbox
at the airport of Zurich

Jago and his sister Raven
arrived safe and sound
and were stealing the hearts
of their new families in a glance.

Raven lives now in Germany
and has had her first litter
with nine pups
in spring 07.

More about Raven on her hompage.
Raven is now a Grandmother :-)

Jacqueline Ehmke, January 2010
Joe Aussies

Daisy      Rising Sun's Upsy Daisy
A little about Daisy:
Daisy is officially known as UCD Rising Sun's Upsy Daisy RE. The  UCD is a companion dog title from UKC (a competitive kennel club in  the US) and the RE is a Rally excellent title from the AKC.
In the USASA (United States Australian Shepherd Association) statistics, she was the number one Aussie in the country in AKC Advanced A, Excellent A and Excellent B Rally for 2005 and USASA #1 dog in Open A 2008 Obedience ! 

News August 2008
I just found the rankings for the 2007 AKC obedience.
Daisy was #6 all breed for Novice (A&B) Placement Ratings and #3  Novice (A&B) herding breed Placement Ratings. Daisy was also #3 all  breed for Novice (A&B) Score Ratings and #1 Novice (A&B) herding breed Score Ratings. She was in the top 10 across the country with all breeds!!!!
I am so proud of her especially for putting up with me for her handler  (who could not physically walk a straight line and my fast time was barely acceptable).
Kristin Backstrom

News 2009

Rising Sun's Luck Charm STDcds RS-E JS-E GS-O.

Chubby lives with her Mom Skyler.
Chubby is doing great.
She is probably the tallest of all the  girls.
She is about 21 inches. 

In June 2009 she got her started cattle, sheep, and duck titles in one weekend, and was Most Promising Started Aussie both days.
Rose Park January, 2010

MACH Spree  Rising Sun's Brush With Fate  
Spree is now a MACH (Master Agility Champion)
and has his ASCA UD, and AKC UD as well at three legs towards his ASCA UDX and 40 Otch points towards his (Obedience Trial Championship).
He is now also working on his second MACH
with 3 qualifying legs - but the season has just begun.  He has turned out to be quite the boy!!!!!

Spree is a rather big boy weighing in at 63 pounds.
His teeth are fine. He is 22 inches tall.
His hips are excellent but I did not have his elbows done.
As to his temperament:  He is a very confident,
friendly dog who fears nothing. He loves people,
other dogs, cats and everything else.
He is very adaptable and fits easily into every situation.
He travels well, has no problem sleeping
in strange places and has a very stable personality. 
He wants to please and he responds much better
to positive reinforcement than to correction.
Terry from New York
  Spree news 2009
Sharie   Rising Sun true & Gentle Mate

Even if she was the smallest puppy
in the Skyler and Nick litter, now she is
20 inches tall and her weight is 48 pounds.
Except showing she participates in
search & rescue training and this year
we will begin with agility.
She is very active, assured and sometimes
a bit pig-headed, but obedient and devoted as well. We love this little girl!!!!!

Mariana & Vaclav Kozel, Czech Republic


Sharie is quite successfull in the showring.
She has had  9 pups in spring 07.

more in Sharie's
 Sally       Rising Sun Next Big Thing

  red factored,
  lives with her Dad at Rising Sun Farm

  Sally stayed with Becky Beckman and
  gave birth to ten beautiful pups in spring 07

  Sallys hompage




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